For Your Amusement


Most people know I love novelty items. Many have requested that my art become available as merchandise. Since my OCD has been horrible lately, I spent ALL DAY today drawing and making. Now I have three collections going on at Zazzle. The people subscribed to my blog get to see and order them first. Scroll down and click on the pictures to go to the website link. Let me know what you think! (PS. Please remember that 10% of everything I make from Skipper Jenn work, I donate to charities.)


  1. The very first person to purchase Skipper Jenn swag wins a prize. I will see you, on Zazzle. I will send prize with a personal note of thanks ASAP.
  2. The rest of you: when you get your items, write a review on Zazzle, make a comment on the blog, or post something on Facebook or IG with Skipper Jenn tagged. Pictures are encouraged. I will be putting names of folks who share shout out’s and reviews of their cool-ass-merch in a hat. You bet your ass it will be a hat of my design. On June 1, I will draw 3 names of badass people to receive my exclusive cool shit with a personal note of thanks.
  3. The person who purchases the most swag from now to June 1 also receives a prize with a personal note of thanks.

The Smile Collection

Meet some new rainbow friends and grab hats, buttons, and stickers. Click on image:

The Every Body Sailor Pinup Collection

Representation Matters, Celebrating ALL sailors non-binary, trans, and women of all shapes and sizes. Post cards and key chains available, click the image:

The Pandemic Collection

For those of you who need swag to go with this shit show of a year:

I hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “I HAVE SWAG”

  1. Interestingly, in the smile collection two items are still in review for swear words, and in the pandemic collection one word is. They will be up in 24 hours after they decide that shit and AF aren’t too bad.


  2. Now folks are saying the links aren’t working. So this is so typical with me and tech. They worked for me, don’t know what is going on. Might take 24 hours……let the games begin!! May the odds be ever in your favor.


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