About Jenn

This blog started out just for friends and family following along, as well as anyone curious about some weird middle aged woman’s journey of sailing and owning her first keel boat: Poop Deck. It has surprisingly grown to include an international readership and requests for coaching.

Hopefully the writing will make you laugh, inspire you, be helpful and give a little to live through vicariously or in tandem. An intention is to weave the social and emotional sides of sailing and being human into the technical and practical parts with some humor and magic. I aspire to create another platform to voice women’s issues in sailing to promte a more safe and inclusive sport.

Please note that I do unapologetically and profusely use swear words throughout my blog because that is my authentic voice. Also note, that while sailing is the vehicle for my writing, content applies to most aspects of life and can be enjoyed and informative for non sailors. It’s a blog for everyone, incorporating intersectional feminism and mental health issues into most posts. While I try to be inclusive, I am a middle aged, middle class, bi-sexual, cis-white woman and have blind spots. I am totally open to being called out by people who are marginalized and am open to learning from my mistakes. I am trying my best to grow and learn in a complicated world and wish to be an ally. May you be free, happy and have joy!


Skipper Jenn is a human being, artist, coach, therapist, writer, friend, mermaid, student of life and lover of all shine and sparkle. I’m a salty sassy nerdy woman who loves to learn, create and drop the f-bomb.

On the credentials for coaching side, I have worked in the mental health field and been involved with meditation and mindfulness for over 15 years. I graduated from Naropa University in 2010 with a masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy. I have had a thriving private practice for 10 years helping kids, teens and adults with all kinds of life issues. My specialty is in anxiety and trauma. I am excited to expand my experience and knowledge into the realm of coaching so I can be of service to folks around the world who might benefit from it.

On the sailing side, I grew up in the 80’s sailing in the man made reservoirs of Kansas on small lasers and then larger keel boats in high winds and hot sun. In my twenties I completely refurbished a Snipe and sailed in Fern Ridge, OR. It was around this time in 1996 I chartered a boat through a Navigation class in the San Juan Islands. It was then that a seed was planted and a dream started to fester. I wanted to cruise. I felt at home on the water in the Pacific Northwest with its abundant evergreen coming down to the waters edge. However, life went through it’s unpredictable ups and downs and I wasn’t on the water again until 2016 when I found myself in Seattle taking ASA classes through the Seattle Sailing Club. Since then I have done a lot of sailing, you can check out my CV. In November 2017 I bought Poop Deck, my beloved 1976 Ranger 29 and started the journey of restoring her and sailing her. That journey continues.

I am also a main group admin and Editor-in-Chief of the Women Who Sail Newsletter, amplifying women’s voices to create a more equitable world. To contact me: my email is skipperjennharkness@gmail.com

May we all sail in peace