For Your Amusement, Poop Deck: My 1976 Ranger 29

Haikus for Boats

For my Poop Deck


There is glitter stuck

To your aquamarine hull

Evidence of love


Sitting under the moon

It’s a sailors life for me

The boat lulls my heart


Softly the sea rolls

Gently rocking me to sleep

Cozy in your berth


Rain singing cabin

I am cozy by the fire

Nothing short of bliss


Condensation here

Real fucking pain in the ass

A sailors battle


Only a sailor

Knows the passion of a boat

Reciprocal love


Obsession is harsh

Not accurate for my love

More Intense focus


People think I’m weird

And they are not incorrect

For loving a boat


I’m so fucking sick

Of working hard on this boat

It will be worth it


The North Wind is Cold

We Are Unprotected Here

Rocking Hard at Dock


Little Floating Home

I Love You More Than Ever

Cozy in the Cold


Little Boat You Are

Magnificent in Your Lines

So Big in My Heart


I Really Get Why

Anthropomorphizing Boats

Is A Thing We Do


Are You Still Reading

Bad Haikus About My Boat

I Love You Boat Nerd


Nothing is Better

Than Coffee in the Cabin

With My Sweet Lover


Boats are tiny fun

Everything has its place here

Ship shape and tip top


Gently rocking sleep

Water less than an inch from

My Lazy Body


Your hull protects me

From the deep dark cold water

We float at the top


Romance is not right

Family doesn’t do it

To describe my boat


Teak and fiberglass

Epoxy and thick resin

You are sturdy made


I have not sailed you

For over a year my love

Soon we shall hoist main


You are forty three

I gave you a lit glow up

To celebrate you


Tiny little home

We float together in peace

Two peas in a pod


Some people have kids

Some people have dogs or cats

I have you my love


Poopsie you are thicc

Fat bottomed girl of the sea

Sexy sexy ride


A true love haiku

For my beautiful Ranger

Sailboat of my dreams


The water slip slaps

Against the hull with the waves

Up and down she goes


I’m not a poet

I’m just bored with no wi-fi

And am boat obsessed


I kissed my blue Hull

She was cold from the deep sea

And damp from the rain


Did you stroke your boat

Did you tug her lines proper

Make love to your rig


Boats are intimate

Close quarters makes for lovers

And super big fights


If my boat could talk

She would say take me away

Far upon the sea


Nothing is better

Than a hard boat job well done

Go big or go home


Boat life is unique

Slow and simple yet complex

Done with intention


This boat makes me a

Real Fucking Badass Mermaid

Her keel is my tail


Boat people unite

Floating on a cloud of love

For the wind and waves


My heart is encased

In a small fiberglass shell

Her name is Poop Deck

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