Women Sailor Wisdom

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2018

My favorite part of the boat show was going to the all women cruisers talk. Six amazing women who have cruised the world over the past 40 years shared their wisdom. Here are the notes I took….

Most important: Have a sense of humor.

Cruising is magic in the way you gain a sense of smallness and awe in an immense and diverse universe. You learn intense self-reliance and gain tremendous empowerment while at the same time you are humble and respect your vulnerability with great humility. Cruising gives you time to just be, to know yourself outside of roles and schedules. It allows for incredible attunement to nature for both safety and pleasure.

Don’t be a passenger ever, always be crew. Everyone has their strengths to play to and you can always adapt to make things work for you. Also: make sure you know how to handle all aspects of the boat somehow. Sail with brains not braun. Keep it simple, you don’t need all the stuff or much stuff at all to be happy or make it work . Cruising teaches priorities.

Prepare: the more you know the less you fear. There is no room for fear when shit goes down, you just act. Also know you can’t know and be prepared for everything so embrace the change and adventure of it, you will figure it out as you go. Know your boat, know your crew and trust them. Keep making new mistakes and learning from them. Ask for help and resource. Make lists of what you are afraid of and prepare for it. Do shake down cruises and practice, around Vancouver Island is a good one to start with here I the PNW.

Trust your intuition and speak up about it. Sometimes the smallest feeling or sense is the start of something big so listen to yourself, your boat and your body!!

Driving your car is ultimately more dangerous than cruising, and cruising is more fun.

Tip: If anyone says they know everything about Sailing: don’t get on a boat with them.

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