An Enlightened Mans Guide to Sailing with Women, The Best Of Skipper Jenn

Skipper Jenn American Sailing Association Publications

What Women Want Men to Know on Boats

When women sailors are together, the number one question they ask is, how do I get on a safe boat?We talk about safety a lot in sailing, and part of this question is about safety at sea. Is the boat reliable, does the captain know how to sail well, is the equipment and rigging up to date? Women have another layer to this question that is interpersonal. 

Making Sailing Safer for Women

In my first piece, What Women Want Men To Know on Boats  I wrote about gender discrimination in sailing. Now we go to the truly scary part: Harassment and Assault. As I discussed before, sexism and assault are ultimately issues that society needs to correct. 

Women and Boat Ownership

The Boating Industry is missing out on a massive piece of the economic pie as we speak. Is it Sexism? There has been a gender bias in boating that implies women are mostly there to do galley work or look pretty on the bow. They fail to see that more women are interested in being captains, doing maintenance of all kinds, and owning a boat of their own. 

Did ASA publish one of my all time favorite pictures? A picture that illustrates a lifetime achievement award? A photo of my soul? Yes, yes, they did.

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