For Your Amusement, Sailing and Love

The Secret to My Personal Wellness is Eric’s Butt

I haven’t been writing lately. I haven’t been doing much except working my ass off. I have still been pondering existential dilemmas, etiology of mental health, and the rampant effects of capitalism, patriarchy, racism, sexism and homophobia. I have also been coping with lots of stress, which means I work hard to focus on gratitude and the positives in life.

At the end of this piece I am giving some solid life, relationship and mental health advice. For now, I will share one of my favorite coping skills. I take pictures of Eric’s butt while he’s doing various tasks. I am crazy attracted to this big goob and there is nothing better than staring at his butt while he’s being handy. I see so many pictures on Instagram of sailors posting sexy pictures of women on boats, like this one:

I just thought everyone might enjoy the realism of attractive mid life male objectification: Hawt!! I also hope you get a laugh. I’m pretty sure most real butt shots on a boat would look more like these.

And my favorite sexy shot of all time:

He loves the attention, even though when he catches me taking pictures he usually exclaims with an eye roll, “Jenn!!” He’s the best sport on the planet and I am one lucky gal!!

Life advice: Keep that sense of humor and playfulness going out there folks, it’s important.

Relationship advice: make time and be intentional about flirting with your partners and spouses, it goes a long way.

Mental health advice: focus attention on the experiences, things and people that bring you joy.

May we all sail in peace and have some laughs and love along the way.

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