Poop Deck: My 1976 Ranger 29

Why the Rainbow Sail?

My amazing new sails by Ballard Sails and heart by Prism Graphics. All done here in the wonderful gay friendly and beautiful bubble of Seattle.

The best thing about having a giant rainbow heart on your sail is allowing people to ponder it as you gleefully sail by. That heart is a powerful symbol and helps people see their bias. I hope it gives you a moment to self reflect. So far, it seems that people fall into one of the following categories:

  • You see a colorful heart and you smile with enjoyment just because it’s bright and fun. You don’t have any associations.
  • You see a colorful heart that is associated with a symbol you love and respect for LGBT. You smile with PRIDE and a nod to love is love. You associate that heart with inclusivity and amazing people. If you are LGBT you associate it as a safe place.
  • You see a colorful heart and you are not sure your reaction. You associate it with a symbol and wonder about the sexual orientation of the person who put it there. You think only people who identify as LGBT exhibit rainbow hearts. Wait, doesn’t Jenn date a guy?
  • You see a colorful heart and associate it with a symbol that you say you are okay with it and proceed to mock it anyway. “Oh, I’m fine with it. I have a gay friend. Let’s start calling her boat Poop Dick the Gay Boat.” (Don’t worry kids, I thought of it first. So your jaunts will not faze me, as immature as they are.)
  • You see the colorful heart and associate it with a symbol and start to aggressively comment because you don’t like it. You either do this because you don’t like the LGBT associations with symbol, or you don’t like people displaying anything bright and fun. “That’s immature, that’s disgusting, that’s ugly, that’s dumb.”
  • You see a colorful heart and you roll your eyes or get annoyed because you associate it with a symbol you disagree with or are uncomfortable with in some way. You have a negative reaction. Hopefully you keep this negative reaction to yourself. If you do not: if you harass, badger, bully or assault in any way I have no issues with getting authorities and community involved. (How sad is it that I have to say that at all?)

Look folks, you can do all the guessing you want out there about that symbol. You can have whatever reaction you want. I put a rainbow heart on my sail for four main reasons.

  1. Rainbows make me happy. Since childhood, they represent joy, hope, magic and love. Sailing gives me those same feelings so it seemed appropriate.
  2. Rainbows make me PROUD. They represent my community, beliefs and people I dearly love.
  3. Rainbows are colorful and pretty. I wanted my sails to be beautiful.
  4. I wanted it to match my unicorn farting logo, which will soon be located on each side of my bow. You can also have whatever associations you want for that symbol. I just think it’s hilarious. If you don’t, we probably can’t be friends. Also, poop is the great equalizer of humans and my boat came with the amazing name.

I know some of you are still reading because you desperately want to know who I like to fuck and get confused because I currently have a boyfriend. Here is the deal: I wish everyone wore and displayed rainbows no matter who they love and fuck. You do not have to be gay to represent and support. In fact, the more heterosexual people who rock a rainbow, the more normalized any kind of love is and the less assumptions we make. The more heterosexual people rock some PRIDE the more supported, safe and inclusive our whole world is. If you like the heart give a shout out on social media, this post, or when I sail past!

Personally, I am attracted to sexy people who are kind, smart and funny. If they are a sailor that is a huge bonus. I don’t much care what their gender is. I am super repelled by assholes and willfully ignorant people, I also do not care what gender they are. If they are blatantly sexist, racist or homophobic they can fuck off, I don’t have time or energy for that shit.

May we all sail in peace.

9 thoughts on “Why the Rainbow Sail?”

  1. Couldn’t seem to post a comment, but LOVE the rainbow heart, live the Galapagos adventure and keep in sailing!!!

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  2. Hey Jenn, you’ve got a fellow rainbow lover over here!!! Girl, I LOVE a rainbow! Been loving rainbows since I was little. That sail is adorable! Can’t wait to see those bow unicorns!
    Jenn, I have to say that your posts really make me stop and think about myself. Although I fall solidly into the first and second bullet point groups, I still had to check myself about the thoughts that our society has mind-fucked me into having when I see a rainbow now. I used to never associate rainbows with anything but colorful happiness when I was a kid, but now that our society is so damned righteous and disjointed, I hadn’t realized until reading your post that I had lost the joy of rainbows just for the sake of rainbows. They don’t have to mean anything. They can just be rainbows. And we can all just be who we are for no damn reason at all.
    Thanks, Jenn.


    1. I’m so glad this gives fuel for thought! Bias lives everywhere in our perception if we pay attention and we can’t have any choice on our thoughts, feelings or actions without awareness. I also wish we lived in a world where everyone could just rock their authenticity and truth without any projections and judgement whizzing at them for it. Including self judgement. Wouldn’t that be amazing! Fair winds Kia! Thanks for reading!!


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