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Skipper Jenn is NWSA President’s Member of the Month for July 2021

Photo credit: the amazing Jan Anderson

Skipper Jenn Harkness — NWSA President’s Member of the Month of July 2021

It is a bit complicated to describe all the cool things Skipper Jenn does. She does a lot, a lot of innovative and creative things, aside from sailing. She is a writer, an artist, a cheerleader for kindness, a blogger and a mental health therapist. She is also a student of boat restoration and champion of social justice. Jenn is in love with sailing too. And she is a wonderful Zoom host.

I selected Jenn as member of the month in part for her work on her work on the new BE KIND SAFE BOAT trainings for greater psychological safety, team cohesion, and DEIAB competence. I thought of Jenn too for her sincerity in profusely saying “thank you!”. She thanks people for everyday things usually taken for granted. She is a champion for every effort towards good.

I saw how funny, smart and engaging Jenn was during US Sailing’s Diversity and Inclusion panel last October. So I was delighted, as well as thankful she said “Yes!” to hosting NWSA’s July 1 She Sailor Sea Story — WIND. Jenn is a giver who steps up to make our lives better!

Join me in congratulating Jenn for the kindnesses she spreads and for being an awesome, engaged, badass member of NWSA.

You can find Jenn’s blog at

Happy Fourth of July to all the change makers out there fighting for freedom for ALL. This is such an honor. Thank you Debbie Huntsman and NWSA. ❤️🌈🦄

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