Jenn Specific

Happy Holidays 2019-2020

This photo is from New Year’s Eve last year and Eric and I think it’s the best worst holiday pix ever. Like everyone else we took this when we had great aspirations for 2019 and no idea what lay ahead.

I wanted to send everyone a message of gratitude for following along on my blog, you keep me inspired and writing! I also have a request: I want to hear from YOU! I would love comments in the thread below of what you are grateful for this past year and looking forward to next year. I know that many of my readers are badasses and do-gooders out there in the world and it would be a great gift to hear your 2019-2020 story!

As most of you know, 2019 for me will forever be the year of the boat refit and blog. Each reader, especially those of you who are regulars, and folks who comment, have helped keep me sane in this insane process. It is comforting knowing that my community is out there as I counsel by day, scrape and paint bilges by weekend and write by night. All are mostly solo endeavors, so I have appreciated you all witnessing and supporting! I’m looking forward to more adventure content in 2020 as I sail Poopsie, as well as more fabulous interviews on my Women Sailor Wisdom series. If you haven’t had time to check that out, you should. So many golden nuggets of badass in those!!

Again, thank you for being you and reading about my human perspective and experience. I hope this season brings you peace and that 2020 is the start of your best decade yet.

May we all sail in peace.

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