Poop Deck: My 1976 Ranger 29

Andrews Woodworking: Utilitarian Art

To go along with why Andrew is the BEST, and because today is his BIRTHDAY, below are the various projects Andrew has done on my boat Poop Deck. He did it all with a generous friend discount. I could never have afforded this quality any other way. Pictures don’t do any of it justice.

I begin with the amazing Galley. It took some time and conversation to design just right for my work flow. There will be a cutting board soon to cover stove when not in use to add extra counter space. The alcohol stove is on a gimbal for anchorage and cooking under way. The bottom drawer neatly fits my little trash and recycling with extra fuel and trash bags. The back panel opens with lots of storage and he did a guardrail around the whole perimeter so I can put stuff back there safely. It is all made of sapele wood to match the old teak, with maple accents and stainless hardware.

Andrew at work, lots of thinking and mock ups because nothing is square on a boat!

In progress: The above little whale will be inlayed at the foot of my bed with the anchor locker door. Yay!

I got to help with my little closet in the head and is when I learned how to use the jigsaw!

The medicine cabinet is a gift for my birthday, custom made for my use out of maple, epoxy, brass and gold leaf. It is luminous and stunning in person.

New sliders for the doors with maple and copper detail. I stamped one with a little boat!

This little sapele pop up is one of my favorites and the brackets under it are stainless and easy to work with.

New instrument panel drops down so you can get to it. We also made the inside waterproof with plastic cut outs.

I cut that big hole and Andrew filled it!

I wish some of the pictures were better, and excuse the boat mess, but you get the point. The woodwork is functional and artful, making my little Poopsie super cozy and elegant inside.

This dude is the best! Check out his website for more good stuff! Andrew Beduhn

May we all sail in peace!

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