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Boatgasm: Definition and Usage

Boatgasm: noun


:intense or paroxysmal excitement around boats or boat related items or experiences

especially: the rapid pleasurable release of landlife tensions at the height of successful boat projects or marine experiences. This is usually accompanied by seamen and the collaboration and contribution of crew, but can also be experienced sailing solo.

Boatgasm: verb

boatgasmed, boatgasming, boatgasms

intransitive verb

:to experience boatgasm

Other words for boatgasm:

noun: boatgasmic, boatgastic

Examples of boatgasm in a sentance:

Her boatgasm was intense when she saw the new windlass.

Their competent spinnaker set and douse gave the skipper intense boatgasm.

Cleaning the bilge, while not fun, can be boatgastic.

She boatgasmed when she saw the new blue seas DC panel.

The local marine store always leaves me boatgasming.

Sometimes I experience intense boatgasms when looking at boat porn.

Her boat was truly boatgasmic.

Please share in the comments what gives you boatgasm. For me today, it’s my new galley.


5 thoughts on “Boatgasm: Definition and Usage”

  1. When I haul that jib trim in so perfect I barely need a winch handle grind: I’d call that a near perfect boatgasm!


  2. I boatgasmed in a Beetle Cat this Saturday when I came about 180 into the wind onto a dock with a bunch of people watching.


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