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Happy Holidays Extravaganza Video

2020…what a year. Thank god I have amazing friends.

These lovely people put trust into me to take a little dance clip they sent over and do something silly with it. They had zero idea what I was up to, just that I was doing a community art project. I love them for it. I hope they like it, and it feels like a holiday hug, because it is. I hope their loved ones feel hugged by it too, and it brings a smile. Each and every person in here is a true gift to the world and I am super thrilled they are my friends.

Friends are what hold us up when life is hard. In this video, there are old friends from childhood or years past, some are new friends I’ve never met in person, some are friends who have transcended to family over time, some are colleagues or sailing buddies, two I am actually blood related to. The common denominators are me, shenanigans, and the shit-show of 2020 bringing us all virtually closer and physically farther apart.

On the making of this video: I had to listen to jingle bell rock over a hundred times and draw over 1,100 pieces on procreate for the animation. Don’t ask me how many hours, I have no idea, but Eric did wonder out loud and often if I would ever put down my iPad again. I have never done animation green screen, so it was an opportunity to distract and learn something new. I like to put my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to good use; they say it’s better than doing drugs.

I hope you all enjoy, feel free to share the love. Happy Holidays, Stay Safe.

Video Credits:

Katie Steiger: Mermaid Mariner on the Atlantic Ocean

Jill VonBuskirk: Badass Fitness Trainer and Ray of Sunshine in Seattle, WA

Kait Hatch: Polymath Unicorn in Seattle, WA

Skipper Jenn: Middle Aged Crazy Woman somewhere on Planet Earth

Daphne Douglas: Badass Sailor and Dinosaur Hunter on the Atlantic Ocean

Behan, Siobhan, Marie Gifford: Badass World Cruisers currently in Mexico

Tasha Teskey: Being Sexy and Raising the Next Generation of Feminists in Arizona

Sarah KT Meston: A Princess in Vietnam

Andrew Beduhn: Building Some Cool Artsy Shit in Seattle, WA

Eric Finn: Jenn’s Magical Pony in Seattle, WA

Marie Rogers: Winning Prestigious Sailing Awards and Being Gorgeous in California

Ginny Moore: Daughter of an Amazing Feminist Badass in Kansas

Charlotte and Lyra Kauffman: Building Dirt Bag Houses and Being Super Cool in California

David Christy: Badass Wizard in Maryland

John Guy: Badass Buddhist Lama in Seattle, WA

Aria Brikner-McDonald, Andrew, and Appa: Living Their Best Life and Gardening in Seattle, WA

John Cram: Being a Helpful Badass and Overall Good Guy in Seattle, WA

Ethan Couse: My Little Brother in Canada

Karlene Lovelady: A True Gem of a Human in Kansas

Stephanie Campbell: Bringing Joy Wherever She Goes in Anacortes, WA

Regan Edwards: Herding and Nurturing Small Humans in Kirkland, WA

Yosh Han: The Queen of Smelling Good in California

Kathy Harkness: Mother of a Badass in Kansas

Cidnie Carroll: A Woman Full of Grit and Love in Texas

Jenn and Andrew: Weird People in Fantasy Land

Cheri Trainor and friend: A Powerful Magical Goddess in Canada with Mysterious Gold Butt Friend

Ben and Carrie Selting with Kristen Yoho: Being Super Cool and Saucy in Blaine, WA

Meredith Anderson: The Best Mechanic You Will Ever Meet in Olympia, WA

Jenn and Andrew: Still Not Adulting Anywhere Ever

Penny Sands: My Fiance in Australia

Jill VonBuskirk: Still Rocking it Hard in Seattle

Cabot Teskey: The Best Teen Eye Roll on Earth in Arizona

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