Coaching and Consultation for Badass Humans

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and create more kindness, peace, and happiness in your life.

I’m now offering coaching and consultation for badass individuals, couples, coaches, organizations and teams via voice and screen. I also have training curriculums available and can do custom assessments and training for your families, friends, clubs, teams and organizations to create more awareness of issues of social justice, and community collaboration and cohesion.

What is Skipper Jenn coaching and how does it differ from her counseling day job?

If you are a reader of my blog, you probably have a pretty good sense of what I’m about and have to offer. These services are for sailors and non sailors. I am offering coaching and consultation for humans with great heart and kind intentions who want to grow. People who are striving to be authentic and inclusive in the world are badass. As many of you know, I’ve been in the meditation/mindfulness, mental health counseling, public speaking and advocacy/social justice fields for over 15 years and have been applying that to my observations in the sailing world. Sailing is a metaphor and vehicle for the obstacles and joys we face in life.

My focus is on:

  • Intersectional feminism and creating more inclusivity and equality in the world: aka embracing diversity and kindness
  • Mental health and optimal human-ing: aka self growth and interpersonal awesomeness
  • Sailing: aka liking boats and water a lot

While individual coaching is a private venue to talk about issues that impact mental health and supports your well being, coaching differs from counseling. Coaching can be a great addition to those of you already in counseling. In coaching, I do not give any kind of diagnostics. If you do meet criteria for something mental health related, I will suggest you see a mental health professional or medical doctor for specific support. 

Coaching is for people who have specific goals and are motivated but  who need a boost, resources and support to get going. A coach is someone to help keep you  accountable as you optimize your life. Maybe you just need one session for some direction and creative, educated suggestions. Maybe you want to talk once in a while to bounce ideas off of an objective and trained ear.  Maybe you need once a week or once a month sessions to help you move along in your process and keep you on track. 

I will listen to your needs and we will collaborate on what coaching looks like for you. I want you to get the most out of our time together. We will make tangible goals and practices for you to step into whatever shift you are hoping for,  or whatever area you want to explore. I will be kind, direct, and won’t hold back any intuition or observation that I have. You will have homework to follow through on and I will give resources for you to check out. As a coach, I can even help you network and grow community in a way I can’t as a counselor.

Together we can name and own your strengths so you can use them to address your challenges and reach your full potential. This also means exploring roadblocks and where you get stuck with great compassion and even some humor. I will  help you identify and change habits that don’t work for you and help create ones that do. 

Together, we will tap into your inner badass and unleash your shine into the world—more vibrant than ever! I also hope that by learning to help yourself, the people around you will be inspired to do the same. I find life has a ripple effect; when one person grows it is contagious.

Individual, Team and Organizational Coaching and Consultation:

  • Create and maintain healthy relationships for teams, organizations, friendships, family and romantic partnerships
  • Create culture shifts in teams and organizations for greater psychological safety and cohesion
  • Teach advocacy skills and facilitate diverse and inclusive living and working environments by looking at privilege, bias and blind-spots, how to be an ally.
  • Address systemic sexism and living/working in male-dominated fields like the marine industry
  • Support with life and culture transition and change
  • Create more joy and kindness in your life
  • Find steps to make your goals a reality
  • Make structure for creative process in art, writing and relationship
  • Start and maintain a mindfulness and meditation practice to create greater calm and better performance
  • Gain skills on navigating anxiety and stress
  • Gain skills on conflict management and growth mindset 

Coaching for couples:

  • Improve communication
  • Honor needs and boundaries when living together
  • Create greater bonding and connection
  • Strategies on how to work best together as a team to reach your lifestyle goals
  • Conflict management, how to disagree and fight better so you can grow
  • How to stay sane in a refit
  • How not to kill your partner or crew in small spaces for long periods of time in intense situations

Custom Consulting or consultation and coaching for sailors, organizations and and teams:

  • Trainings based on an assessment of psychological safety, team cohesion and communication
  • Team building ideation and mediation
  • Training on authentic leadership strategies and confidence in leadership ability
  • Conflict management between team members
  • Organizing strategy for long term sailing goals
  • How to be more inclusive on your teams and in your organizations in order to diversify representation
  • Coaching women into leadership roles and who are already in them
  • Strategizing for achieving goals

So, all you sailors and folks out there wanting to have better relationships and a better world, I invite you to hit me up for some trainings and coaching sessions. Let’s create a more enlightened world together. (I’m specifically inviting you over here white guys…….I love working with men and helping them see and work with blind spots.) 

All you need to do to get started is email me at:

May we all sail in peace

A note about money: 

For those who decide to hire me through this venue, any money I make through Skipper Jenn I donate at a minimum 10% to the below charities. Why am I telling you this?

  1. Because money is a vote, and knowing where money is going, and to who, is part of how you vote smart.
  2. When you hire me, you are not only getting some badass services, you are supporting the messages of this blog,  a weird queer woman’s passion project, and the below organizations.
  3. Women don’t get paid enough, especially for emotional labor. I am not wealthy, I grew up in poverty, have massive student loan debts, and expensive chronic health conditions. Oh, and I live on a boat!

Black Lives Matter, Real Rent Duamish, Lambert House,Sacred Sea by the Lummi Tribe

Individual Coaching Rates:

60 minute sessions payable via Credit Card or Paypal

One time consult: $200

Six Session package: $1100 if paid in advance


Limited discounts available for fellow travelers on a budget.

Discounts based on LOA:

Up to 20 ft $500 for 6 sessions

Up to 30 ft $600 for 6 sessions

Up to 40 ft $800 for 6 sessions

Up to 50 ft $1000 for 6 sessions

Over 50 ft, sorry, you don’t need a discount, dude.

Team and Organizational rates:

$200 an hour

Organizational and team assessments, training curriculums and activities are custom built for you and vary as needed.

I have space for a limited amount of pro Bono work for some organizations.

6 week in person zoom training on Psychological Safety, Interpersonal Communication and Leadership package: $1600 with homework materials and handouts for maximum 10 people. (Larger organizations are priced differently.)

6 week in person zoom training on issues of privilege and power, diversity and equity, and creating inclusion and kindness in your world: $1600 with homework materials and handouts for maximum 10 people.  (Larger organizations are priced differently.)