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Andrew is THE BEST

The A Team: Appa and Andrew the very best worst painting ever completed 2016 by Jenn Herself

It’s time that I introduce you all to the very best person in the world. My soulmate brother and BFF. Andrew and I are essentially the same person split off somehow through quantum mechanics and physics. While we share no close DNA, all you have to do is spend time with the two of us and it’s clear we are siblings, twins even. He’s truly the better one, the golden child everyone likes.

All of the gorgeous woodwork on my boat has been done by Andrew and I will be posting about that at some point to show off his skillz.

This post is simply a public love letter of his amazingness. Those of you who know and love him please like and comment. If I have missed things feel free to add. Those of you who don’t know him, please like and comment saying you wish you knew him, because everyone should. For the love of all BFFs out there who keep us sane, write something kind. Also, send your BFF a note today with a little list of why they are the best in your life. Feel free to share their name and a tidbit of why you love them here too. This post is all about BFF love. It does the heart good.

Seriously, for my long long time friendship this post needs to get the most likes and comments of all time on my blog to prove the point of the title to a man who very often does not give himself enough credit.

Things Andrew is the BEST at and is the WINNER of all time forever:

Impromptu dance parties 💃

Ninja fights

General household shenanigans and pranks

Car dancing

Absurd and random body humor 🦍💨

Encouraging others

Fashion shows 👕

Buying shoes 👟

Antagonizing humor 🤗

Being annoying and enjoying it😎


Talking to himself

Being a robot 🤖

Reading people accurately and quickly


Acting like he doesn’t care about what people think when he really does

Mimicking people until they want to die🤯

Double binds, damn if you do, damn if you don’t

Being my manny ❤️

Public funny walking

Taking care of his houseplant friends 🌱

General domestic womanly tasks 🧼 🧽

Designing and Building cool shit 🔨

Making interesting art from lots of different materials 🎨

Outdoor art 🌸

Being an artist 👨‍🎨

Becoming an Astronaut👨‍🚀🚀

Riding a bike reeeealllly far and fast 🚴‍♂️⏱



Worrying About Being the Best 🏅


Skipping Rocks

Being the best, duh…

Figuring Shit Out

Being Kind

Being Friendly

Ability to talk to anyone about anything and make them feel important, interesting and good about themselves ❤️

Finding all the cool emojis and gifs 🔮

Being an Asshole 🤬

Sticking up for Friends👯‍♀️


Calling Out Shit As It is


Curmudgeon-ness 🧟‍♂️

Running sssssuuuuper fast and far 🏃

Lifting Things

Coping with anxiety and depression like a fucking rock Star 💫

Being Abnormally Strong 💪

Growing a butt

Everyone Liking Him🤴

Growing Epic Side Burns (lamb chops)

Growing Facial Hair 🧔

Having Nice Teeth 🦷

Dissecting jokes

Joke timing

Laughing at Jenns Jokes

Making fun of Jenn

Being a little scared bitch 🦈 🐅 🐻🐍

Being a whiny little bitch

Cooking 👨‍🍳

Being attached to cooking utencils 🥄

Bitching at “people” for not picking up after themselves 🙄

Choosing the best best friend ever🏆🥇

Being sober (so proud of you buddy!) 💫

Being a realist

Brutal honesty

Playing 🎪

Being there when you need him

Waving 👋

Talking about nothing at all and still managing to be entertaining

Getting butthurt




Being a wise and insightful bastard 🧙‍♂️

Creating excellent nicknames that stick forever

Doing hard things


Inappropriate humor

Pooping 💩

Bugging the fuck out of me

Laughing 😂

Making me laugh

Hugging it out when I cry


Crying 😭

Giving advice he doesn’t always take

Everyone liking him

Requiring attention and hiding at the exact same time

Being Appas Dad 🐶

Texting weird shit and making you wonder, why? 🤷‍♀️

Abrupt transitions

Remembering things FOREVER

Holding grudges FOREVER especially about throwing sand or spitting in his eye 🙄


Working hard

Being fucking hilarious 🤣

Last but not least….drum roll…………

Not Always Being Right, but Maybe Second Best at Always Being Right: I, Jenn Harkness, Continue to Hold the title of Always Being Right 🖕❤️🖕

H-bomb and Blade Forever 🤘🖖 🙌 👊 👏

Self portrait collage art by the man himself: Andrew Beduhn

26 thoughts on “Andrew is THE BEST”

  1. What can I say? Andrew is awesome (I think of him as Andy Goldsworthy Bedun) and Jenn is awesome 👏 in celebrating his awesomeness. The collages are awesome. The list is awesome and I confess I have always wanted to send someone to AGB school to learn how to be awesome in that very particular way. Enough said, from the other twin


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  2. First, one must test the comments work. Yes, they work. They work like calling my BFF and them always picking up. They work like always having to poop when he calls. They work like two friends ninja fighting in the night. Like dance parties in the day. These comments work man, they werk like my jerky bro Andy! 👊 ❤️


  3. Hey Andrew. Since there’s no voice note option you will have to read this in my Trini accent. You are such a super duper awesome amazing creative talented generous kind giving loving funny human being. Jenn said it all above except she forgot to say that YOU ARE THE BEST AT WEARING CHOPS. We are all so very lucky to have you in our lives. Waiting patiently for you to come visit so we can have an impromptu dance party, Trini style. Muah muah muah.


  4. Andrew,
    Jenn adores you, lucky.

    I have a great quote on my desk, that you might like…. remind Jenn to remind me and I’ll send it to you!

    Also when we encounter the Drak Night of the Soul, the remedy is to remember times of radiance.

    Wishing you radiance, lucky.
    Sue H W

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  5. You’re a role model for those who wish to be strong and soft at once, Andrew. Your way in friendship, art, and woodwork (read: functional art) inspire curiosity, intention, and the will to express myself in a way that is sensitive to the world and living things that surround me. You’re awesome, and I hope you experience some inspiration and love in this oh-so-very-Jenn post and comment thread!

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  6. This list is 🔥 yes! Andrew you truly are such a special person. Everyone who meets you adores you right away. You are beautifully creative and very funny (almost as funny as me and jenn?) sweet-kind-caring, and so good at laughing and listening too! You also have the best sweet pea eyes around. I am so lucky to have YOU in my life!

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  7. Awe, Andrew…

    Thankyou so much for all the yummy food and well umm, interventions…

    Your joints are tight, music selections rock and you are always there when needed. Thankyou for being you.

    Kenny G.

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  8. Totally L❤️VE this and I really feel like I’m missing out on a BFF like this!! 😭 I know you two have a long history together & thats amazing, I’m so happy you have each other! Way to go Andrew for being such a badass!!!! #WINNING

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  9. I love Andrew! He makes me laugh sooooooooo hard, and when he and Jenn team up it’s too much. Literally. It’s too much to handle. I laugh until the tears run down my cheeks and my stomach hurts and I can’t breathe.
    Also, Andrew is an amazing artist, and I’m always looking forward to see what he will get up to next.
    Also, Andrew is an amazing ribbon dancer and the main inspiration for me and Jenn to take our ribbon dancing to the next level.
    Also, Andrew is a beautiful person in so many ways and is really good at being authentic and vulnerable and honest.
    Also, Andrew and Jenn are coming to visit me in Vietnam in December, and to be honest, there are very, very few people on this planet that I would agree to spend three weeks traveling with and/or put this much effort into planning a trip for, so that should demonstrate my level of love and respect right there.
    Also, did I mention that he’s funny as hell?
    Okay, enough gushing. Love you, Andrew!

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    1. 2019! 2019! 2019! Let’s hope we make it to 2020….because we all know there is a line here of funny and too much funny. “You two! Stop joking around! This is serious!” Haha! 😘


  10. Oh Andrew! My Golden child. You are such a special person. I am lucky that Jenn brought you into my life. I don’t know what we would do without you! You are everything that Jenn says and so much more. Your kind and generous heart and the way you make me laugh are the things I love best about you. You have come so far and overcome so much! I am so proud of you! I am blessed that you are my “BFF SON”. ❤️

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  11. It’s been so long since we’ve seen you or Andrew! I remember having you on Thanksgiving one year and how much fun it was having you guys around. Andrew, your talent is incredible. As a gardener, everything you do in nature inspires and amazes me. Andrew, thank you for sharing that talent. I would’ve never thought about rearranging nature, because I think nature is perfect. But, if anyone could improve upon Mother Nature herself, it is definitely you. Sending my love!

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  12. Wow, I am overwhelmed by the list of things here so I’ll have to be really specific to add to it. Andrew came to help me at a time when my health was utterly wrecked. And he helped fix some broken shit at the house and offered a lot of insight and advice for all varieties of next steps. I really appreciate his art and friendship. I hope to show off his creative woodwork in my home someday

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  13. Andrew, even though I don’t run into you in random places anymore, you still bump into my thoughts. When I’m in nature and see nature’s own art, I think about you and the natural beauty you create. You are a good man with a good soul and I have enjoyed all the interactions we’ve ever had. Dang, this shit is getting personal!

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  14. This is fucking great. I want to know about the growing a butt part. Is he growing a butt where his actual butt is or is he growing a butt in another useful location like on his shoulder to be used as a pillow or on his little toe to prevent pain when jamming that fucker into a table leg reeeeeealy hard? Also, he could grow a butt on his head to help not getting butt hurt, or maybe that should grow on his heart…. 🧠 ❤️


    1. The growing a butt part was our favorite! He use to have a tiny white man butt and Bc he’s been running so much, now he grew one. It’s quite round and impressive! He already has a butt on his head…..but a butt heart might help! He could poop out all the pain from me mocking him! ❤️ you so smart Tash!


  15. OMGoddess!!!!!! How could I possibly add anything to all of this awesomeness! Jenn, as usual, you slammed the nail on the head! Personally, I don’t know ALL of these aspects of Andrew experientially, but love hearing lots of the stories! What I do know about, is his bad ass, rad insight, tenderness, strength, heart, hard work, hard work ethic, dorkiness, commitment to growth, wisdom, love of Jenn and Appa, capacity to do whatever he puts his mind to, and of coarse the synonym Of Andrew… HUMOR in all it’s appropriate and inappropriate , demeaning, uplifting, sarcastic, sometimes spot-on, ridiculous, entertaining forms! Whether he’s calling me names or threatening to Play out scenes from the movie about from what about Bob, I am definitely often full body laughing!
    You are both very lucky to have such amazing BFF’s! Love and adore you both!

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  16. I don’t know what to say! I’m tickled pink! Thank you all so much, I’m going to read this again and again. Jenn, you need to change the last part. You know I’m more right than you. 👊🏆🔥🖕Fred and Carrie Forever!

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  17. Andrew, you are an amazing artist and human being. I’m honored also to have your bench on my front porch. Countless people have commented on it and the kids and I have rested there for many hours. You have a unique way not only of looking at the world but also of then translating your vision into physical form, to the benefit of the rest of us. Xoxoxo the world is lucky to have you (and so is Jenn).

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